[ovs-announce] Open vSwitch Open Source Day: Call for lightning talks

Ben Pfaff blp at ovn.org
Fri Feb 24 19:03:56 UTC 2017

The Open vSwitch project is participating in Open Source Days at
OpenStack Summit Boston.  During the summit, Open vSwitch will have
dedicated use of a room for a full day.  We are now soliciting
proposals for 5-minute "lightning talks" for the program.

OpenStack Summit Boston will be held May 8 to 11.  We do not yet know
which day the Open Source Days event will be held.

Some possible topics are:

 * Deploying and using OVN.

 * End-user or service provider experiences with OVN or Open vSwitch.

 * Testing and scaling OVN.

 * Troubleshooting and debugging Open vSwitch or OVN installations.

 * Using Open vSwitch or OVN with OpenStack.

 * Container integration with Open vSwitch or OVN, including usage
   with container orchestration systems such as Kubernetes and Mesos.

 * Using OVN to realize NFV and service chaining.

 * Integrating OVN with Linux distributions, with Windows, or other
   operating systems.

 * Open vSwitch relationship with other open source projects.

 * Increasing the size and diversity of the Open vSwitch user
   and developer base.

 * Demos.

 * Other topics likely to be of interest to attendees.

We will record audio for lightning talks and post it publicly online.

To propose a lightning talk, please email your proposal to
ovscon at openvswitch.org by March 13.  Proposals should include a title
and a brief abstract.  Please put "LIGHTNING:" at the beginning of the
subject line.

Speakers must add their own bios and headshots at
https://www.openstack.org/profile/speaker, using their own unique
email addresses.

We will notify speakers of acceptance by March 20.

Please expect to provide slides (if any) in advance, to allow the
event to run smoothly from a single laptop.

Speakers should plan to attend OpenStack Summit Boston in person.
Registration, travel, and accommodations are the responsibility of the
participants.  We regret that we are unable to provide complimentary
registration to lightning talk presenters.

How to attend

The event, including all the talks and the tutorial, is open to any
attendee of OpenStack Summit Boston.

More information

For more information about Open Source Days, please visit:

To reach the organizers, email ovscon at openvswitch.org.  For general
discussion of the Open vSwitch Open Source Days event, please use the
ovs-discuss mailing list at discuss at openvswitch.org.

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