[ovs-announce] Query on promiscuos mode dpdk application

Prakash Sahni prakashsahni at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 30 16:51:36 UTC 2021

I have a DPDK forwarding application which runs in promiscuous mode copying packets from both of its ports to the other port, it also spoofs source mac addresses while forwarding, i.e. it never uses its source mac address.Currently this runs on bare metal Linux on physical ports connected to real switches.

I want to run this in a VM now.

1. Can I run this DPDK application on a VM with the non-DPDK version of openvswitch  ?2. I want openvswitch to pass this all the traffic received on the physical port and other virtual ports hosted on the  ovs switch, destined to the spoofed source mac addresses sent by this vm and no other address. (This is how the application works on the real switch). How do I configure ovs to do this ? I could achieve this with sr-iov, the only problem is it gets all the addresses from the physical and virtual ports and not just the spoofed mac addresses it forwards.
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