[ovs-build] ovs pipe issue on windows

Boris Ouretskey borisusun at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 22:31:33 UTC 2018


I am trying to build the ovs for windows according to instructions that
appear here


Everything went fine (almost make check failed some unitests). However when
I am trying to run the ovsdb-server with the following command line

ovsdb-server -vfile:info --remote=unix:db.sock --log-file --pidfile  -v

It says it cannot connect to pipe. In the beginning it complained that it
cannot find the db.sock file however when I created it is now cannot
connect to windows pipe with similar name. Looking st the code of

I notice that it assumes that both file and pipe should exist.


I can easily create the file but does ovsdb-server really expects from me
to create a named pipe also? Can someone shed a light on whether I missed
something during the build process. And how can I get this running?

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