[ovs-dev] Resync with XenServer 5.7

Ian Campbell Ian.Campbell at citrix.com
Fri Oct 2 16:32:21 UTC 2009

Attached are the current versions
of /opt/xensource/libexec/interface-reconfigure
and /etc/xensource/scripts/vif from the XenServer 5.7 branch.

interface-reconfigure has been substantially reworked, with the
following fixes:
      * Create and use ifcfg files only for ipdev, use vswitch
        configuration for topology setup.
      * Take care over moving from bond to slave and back to tear down
        any residual sibling devices
      * Take care to leave datapath present when manipulating VLANs to
        avoid interrupting traffic on the slave PIF as well as other
      * Lots of minor stuff

I _think_ this version of interface-reconfigure should work with the
XenServer 5.0 release as well, although I have not verified this myself.

The vif hotplug script has the following changes:
      * Read extra vif details from xenstore instead of using XenAPI.
        This reduces unnecessary traffic on the pool master and is good
        for scalability. This change makes the dump-vif-details script
      * Manage network tap devices (emulated network devices created by
        qemu) via the hotplug script. Replaces usage
        of /etc/xen/qemu-ifup (which is removed in XenServer 5.7). This
        is necessary in order to receive tap deletion a well as creation
        events. Modified /etc/udev/rules/xen-backend.rules also

These changes are not compatible with XenServer 5.0 since they require
changes to xapi which were made in the 5.7 branch. The first change
definitely requires xapi support while the second requires a kernel with
correctly working hotplug events on tap devices. I haven't confirmed but
I believe the 2.6.18 kernel used in XenServer 5.0 does not (old kernels
do not generate a hotplug even for a tap device until it is brought up).
The 2.6.27 kernel used in XenServer 5.7 does have usable hotplug events
on tap devices.


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SUBSYSTEM=="xen-backend", KERNEL=="tap*", RUN+="/etc/xensource/scripts/tap $env{ACTION}"
SUBSYSTEM=="xen-backend", KERNEL=="vbd*", RUN+="/etc/xensource/scripts/block $env{ACTION}"

SUBSYSTEM=="xen-backend", KERNEL=="vif*", RUN+="/etc/xensource/scripts/vif $env{ACTION} vif"
SUBSYSTEM=="net",         KERNEL=="tap*", RUN+="/etc/xensource/scripts/vif $env{ACTION} tap"

KERNEL=="evtchn", NAME="xen/%k"

# blktap devices created by blktapctrl
KERNEL=="blktap[0-9]*", OPTIONS="ignore_device"

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