[ovs-dev] Resync with XenServer 5.7

Ben Pfaff blp at nicira.com
Fri Oct 2 19:46:01 UTC 2009

Ian Campbell <Ian.Campbell at citrix.com> writes:

> interface-reconfigure has been substantially reworked, with the
> following fixes:
>       * Create and use ifcfg files only for ipdev, use vswitch
>         configuration for topology setup.
>       * Take care over moving from bond to slave and back to tear down
>         any residual sibling devices
>       * Take care to leave datapath present when manipulating VLANs to
>         avoid interrupting traffic on the slave PIF as well as other
>         VLANs.
>       * Lots of minor stuff
> I _think_ this version of interface-reconfigure should work with the
> XenServer 5.0 release as well, although I have not verified this myself.

I superficially verified that it worked with XenServer 5.5.0 (by
installing it, rebooting, and checking that XenCenter connected
OK after it came up) and pushed it to master.

We don't support XenServer 5.0.

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