[ovs-dev] xenserver: use ovs-vsctl for VIF VLAN configuration instead of /var/lib/openvswitch/br-*

Ben Pfaff blp at nicira.com
Thu Oct 15 19:49:30 UTC 2009

Ian Campbell <Ian.Campbell at citrix.com> writes:

> One slight concern I have with using ovs-vsctl from the vif script is
> that the current ovf-cfg-mod calls in the vif script are not precisely
> equivalent to the add/del-port ovs-vsctl operations. Most importantly
> the ovs-cfg-mod parameters used on remove don't require a bridge name
> while ovs-vsctl del-port does, this is significant because the bridge
> name isn't easily available at the point where the hotunplug event
> happens.

That's easy to fix.  I've separately sent out a patch for review
that makes the bridge name optional on the ovs-vsctl del-port

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