[ovs-dev] [PATCH 1/2] ovs-vswitchd: Document "bridge/dump-flows" management command

Justin Pettit jpettit at nicira.com
Mon Oct 26 19:32:12 UTC 2009

On Oct 26, 2009, at 12:23 PM, Ben Pfaff wrote:

> Justin Pettit <jpettit at nicira.com> writes:
>> +.IP "\fBbridge/dump-flows\fR \fIbridge\fR"
>> +Lists all flows in \fIbridge\fR, including those normally hidden to
>> +commands such as "ovs-ofctl dump-flows".  Hidden flows are setup by
>> +mechanisms such as in-band control and fail-open to have the highest
>> +priority since they must not be modified or overridden by users or  
>> the
>> +controller.
> "setup" => "set up" since it's a verb.

Damn, I finally thought I had that one down.  I even corrected an  
email I sent out this morning.  Unfortunately, you weren't on the  
distribution to give me a gold star.  :'-(

> I would put "ovs-ofctl dump-flows" in bold instead of quotes.
> I'm not sure that I follow the logic of the second sentence.  I
> would probably say something like, "Flows set up by mechanisms
> such as in-band control and fail-open are hidden from the
> controller since it is not allowed to modify or override them."
> But documenting it is better than not documenting it, so I'm
> happy with whatever you want to push here; it's not worth it to
> go back and forth quibbling with wording

Thanks for the feedback, I integrated your suggestions and pushed.


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