[ovs-dev] [PATCH] vswitch: Document that fail-open is enabled by default.

Ben Pfaff blp at nicira.com
Fri Sep 4 20:35:40 UTC 2009

The vswitchd.conf manpage said that fail-open is disabled by default.  This
is wrong: it is enabled by default.  This commit fixes the documentation.

CC: Sujatha Sumanth <ssumanth at nicira.com>
 vswitchd/ovs-vswitchd.conf.5.in |    8 ++++----
 1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/vswitchd/ovs-vswitchd.conf.5.in b/vswitchd/ovs-vswitchd.conf.5.in
index 2eb49c1..f6fef9c 100644
--- a/vswitchd/ovs-vswitchd.conf.5.in
+++ b/vswitchd/ovs-vswitchd.conf.5.in
@@ -524,7 +524,8 @@ the connection to the controller stays down long enough, no packets
 can pass through the switch at all.
 The first of these that is set takes effect.
-If the value is \fBstandalone\fR, \fBovs\-vswitchd\fR will take over
+If the value is \fBstandalone\fR, or if neither of these settings
+is set, \fBovs\-vswitchd\fR will take over
 responsibility for setting up
 flows when no message has been received from the controller for three
 times the inactivity probe interval (see above).  In this mode,
@@ -533,9 +534,8 @@ MAC-learning switch.  \fBovs\-vswitchd\fR will continue to retry connecting
 to the controller in the background and, when the connection succeeds,
 it discontinues its standalone behavior.
-If this option is set to \fBsecure\fR, or if neither of these settings
-is set, \fBovs\-vswitchd\fR will not set up flows on its own when the
-controller connection fails.
+If this option is set to \fBsecure\fR, \fBovs\-vswitchd\fR will not
+set up flows on its own when the controller connection fails.
 .IP "\fBbridge.\fIname\fB.controller.max-backoff=\fIsecs\fR"
 Sets the maximum time between attempts to connect to the controller to
 \fIsecs\fR, which must be at least 1.  The actual interval between

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