[ovs-dev] [PATCH 14/14] ofproto: Add support for master/slave controller coordination.

Jeremy Stribling strib at nicira.com
Fri Apr 9 00:54:33 UTC 2010

This isn't a review, but awesome, this looks like a good set of 
changes.  One question: I didn't see anything related to subscribing (or 
not) to asynchronous events.  Did you decide we don't need that after 
all, or can I expect that in a later patch set?  Thanks,


Ben Pfaff wrote:
> Now that Open vSwitch has support for multiple simultaneous controllers,
> there is some need for a degree of coordination among them.  For now, the
> plan is for the controllers themselves to take the lead on this.  This
> commit adds a small bit of OVS infrastructure: the ability for a controller
> to designate itself as a "master" or a "slave".  There may be at most one
> master at a time; when a controller designates itself as the master, then
> any existing master is demoted to slave status.  Slave controllers are not
> allowed to modify the flow table or global configuration; any attempt to
> do so is rejected with a "bad request" error.
> Feature #2495.

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