[ovs-dev] [PATCH 2/2] ofproto: Avoid buffer copy in OFPT_PACKET_IN path.

Justin Pettit jpettit at nicira.com
Tue Apr 27 06:51:24 UTC 2010

On Apr 26, 2010, at 4:28 PM, Ben Pfaff wrote:

> Thank you for the review.
> The xid is 0 for asynchronous messages.  (OpenFlow doesn't seem to
> actually say that, but I'm pretty sure we've always done it that way.)
> ofpbuf_push_zeros() will do that for us.
> I agree with your other comments, but they no longer apply to the newer
> version.

You forgot to add "See Figure 1."

> +/* Takes 'packet', which has been converted with do_convert_to_packet_in(), and
> + * finalizes its content for sending on 'ofconn', and passes it to 'ofconn''s
> + * packet scheduler it for sending.

I think you can remove that last "it".

> -    /* Send. */
> -    rconn_send_with_limit(ofconn->rconn, opi, ofconn->packet_in_counter, 100);
> +    /* Figure out how many of the packet to send. */

Did you mean "much" instead of "many"?

Other than those nits, it looks good to me.


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