[ovs-dev] problem with loop

Kiani, Parham pkiani at essex.ac.uk
Tue Aug 3 12:46:13 UTC 2010

HI all

I have got three switches that connected to each others like triangle and eth0 of them connected to hub and then connected to a openflow controller. I configured openvswitch [ovs-vsctl add-br br br0] (br0,br1,br2) for switch 1,2,3. and assiged all ethernet( except eth0) to switch 1,2 and all ethernet ports include eth0 to switch 3. network suddenly start to slow down and crash I think couse of loop( when I tried down one interface on any switches network become normal). to avoid spanning tree i used command in instruction:

ovs-ofctl mod-port br2 eth1 noflood

 but it doese not make a difference. i was wondering if sombody help me and tell me what is my mistake.


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