[ovs-dev] [service controllers 3/3] ofproto: Add support for remote "service controllers".

Justin Pettit jpettit at nicira.com
Fri Aug 6 23:56:54 UTC 2010

On Aug 6, 2010, at 11:26 AM, Ben Pfaff wrote:

> static void
> bridge_reconfigure_remotes(struct bridge *br,
>                            const struct sockaddr_in *managers,
> @@ -1539,99 +1610,62 @@ bridge_reconfigure_remotes(struct bridge *br,
> {
> ...
> +            VLOG_ERR_RL(&rl, "%s: not adding Unix domain socket controller "
> +                        "\"%s\" due to possibility for remote exploit",
> +                        dpif_name(br->dpif), c->target);

It may be worth commenting on this security vulnerability as it wasn't immediately obvious to me that the concern was that a remote manager with config access could overwrite files on the switch.

> +    free(ocs[0].target);

It might be nice to document that this is the special mgmt controller.

> --- a/vswitchd/vswitch.xml
> +++ b/vswitchd/vswitch.xml
> +          Open vSwitch permits a bridge to have any number of primary
> +          controllers.  When multiple controllers are configured, Open vSwitch
> +          connects to all of them simultaneously.  Because OpenFlow 1.0 does
> +          not specify how multiple controllers coordinate in interacting with a
> +          single switch, so more than one primary controller should be
> +          specified only if the controllers are themselves designed to
> +          coordinate with each other.

I had a hard time processing this last sentence.  It's a bit easier to read if the "so" is dropped.  Also, it may be good to reference our vendor extension as an option for working with multiple controllers.

>               used only for bootstrapping the OpenFlow PKI at initial switch
>               setup; <code>ovs-vswitchd</code> does not use it at all.</p>
>           </dd>
> -          <dt><code>none</code></dt>
> -          <dd>Disables the controller.</dd>

Do we not support "none" anymore?

> +              The <ref table="Open_vSwitch" column="ssl"/> column in the <ref
> +              table="Open_vSwitch"/> must point to a valid SSL configuration
> +              when this form is used.

Did you want to add table before "must" or drop "the" before the table?

This was more involved than I expected.  Thanks for getting it done.


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