[ovs-dev] WDP interface

Shlomo Shachar shlomo at toroki.com
Mon Aug 9 14:35:27 UTC 2010


First, thank you for developing the Open vSwitch package, and for sharing

I am developing an Open vSwitch interface to a hardware chip-set, and I am
using the wdp branch as base platform.

I have implemented a netdev & wdp interface with a new type "foo", and made
sure they are being registered. When I starts ovs-openflowd with
foo at dp0datapath, I am getting an error message of unknown datapath
type "foo". From
reviewing the ovs-openflowd code it seems to me that the ovs-openflowd tries
to open the xfif datapath, and if not present, it fails and exits. i.e., it
does not try to open the wdp interface (through ofproto_create) if the xfif
interface does not exist.

When implementing a wdp interface is it mandatory to also implement the xfif
interface or this is just a bug in ovs-openflowd initialization sequence?

Thank You,
Shlomo Shachar
Toroki Inc.
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