[ovs-dev] [PATCH 4/5] xenserver: Prepend XenServer external ids with "xs-"

Justin Pettit jpettit at nicira.com
Thu Aug 26 16:43:31 UTC 2010

On Aug 26, 2010, at 4:54 AM, Ian Campbell wrote:

> xapi currently passes an explicit "br-set-external-id network-uuid" to
> ovs-vsctl when creating an internal network. When we pull this version
> of openvswitch into XCP or XenServer we will need to remember this and
> update xapi to match.

Yes, I was planning to talk with you guys in the next day or so to see about making this change.  I wanted to let the changes settle around here first.

> Is there some compatibility hack we can (or want) to do to allow people
> to continue to drop updated openvswitch RPMs built from openvswitch.git
> onto XCP? If the plan is to avoid unnamespaced uses of "network-uuids"?
> If so then perhaps we can get away with ovs-vsctl translating
> network-uuids->xs-network-uuids for a transitional period?

That should be handled in the commit immediately following this one: "xenserver: Add monitor-external-ids daemon".  We already needed the ability to monitor ovsdb for other external-id changes, so I just added this to the list of things for which to look out.  I agree that we should make the change in newer versions of XAPI, though.  Does this seem like a reasonable approach?


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