[ovs-dev] ovs-appctl returns code 400

xin zhang xing5820 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 13:56:19 UTC 2010

Hi Experts:
           I am not sure if I am in the right room, if this maillist
is not for open vswitch user, pls kindly redirect me to correct place.
thank you.
           I just followed example in "How to Install Open vSwitch on
Linux" to setup bridge "br0", now I want to list the bridge I create,
brctl tool never works. Then
           I use "ovs-appctl show br0" or "ovs-appctl show", the
outputs just say: ovs-appctl: ovs-vswitchd: server returned reply code
           what the magic code means? is any tips for me to get a
readable print?

           one more question, will open vswitch provide API for cloud
software integrates itself with vswitch? I don't see any API doc. or
it only provides a set of tools to easily play with vbridges?
           thank you.

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