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Kauffman P Ahmed harry.jensen20112 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 01:01:10 UTC 2011

Here are the most recent package deals we have available:


Package A: $249 for all complete lists below

> Doctors (34 different specialties) - 788k records/17k emails/200k faxes
> Dentists - 164k records/45k emails/77k faxes
> Dentists with Specialties - 30k complete records all with emails
> Hospitals - 7k hospitals with phone, address and fax 
> Oncology Doctors - 2,200 records all with emails
> US Surgery Centers - 85k records and 14k emails

Package B: $199 for all complete lists below

> Chiropractors - 108k records/3k emails/6k faxes
> Alternative Medicine - 1.1million records/36k emails/39k faxes
> Veterinarians - 78k records/1k emails/1k faxes
> Massage Therapists - 76k records/8k emails
> Physical Therapists - 125k records/5k emails/4k faxes
> Acupuncturists - 23k records / 2k emails

Package C: $149 for all complete lists below

> Pharmaceutical Companies - 47k emails
> Medical Equipment Suppliers - 167k records/7k emails/6k faxes
> Mental Health Counselors - 283k records/7k faxes
> Psychologists - 272k records/10k emails

We also have Business, Consumer and Professional list packages available. For counts and samples please email me at this email address: sarah at refreshyourbusiness.co.cc 

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