[ovs-dev] [db-backup 1/5] ovs-vsctl: Improve documentation and --help output.

Ethan Jackson ethan at nicira.com
Wed Feb 9 20:29:12 UTC 2011

Looks good.  Couple of minor comments.

> -\fBca\-cert\fR
> +\fica-cert\fR
>  Specifies a PEM file containing the CA certificate used to verify that
>  the virtual switch is connected to a trustworthy controller.
>  .PP

\fi should be \fI here.

> -Port commands:\n\
> +Port commands (a bond is considered to be a single port):\n\
>   list-ports BRIDGE           print the names of all the ports on BRIDGE\n\
>   add-port BRIDGE PORT        add network device PORT to BRIDGE\n\
>   add-bond BRIDGE PORT IFACE...  add bonded port PORT in BRIDGE from IFACES\n\
>   del-port [BRIDGE] PORT      delete PORT (which may be bonded) from BRIDGE\n\
>   port-to-br PORT             print name of bridge that contains PORT\n\
> -A bond is considered to be a single port.\n\
> +.\n\

The period before the \n is unnecessary

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