[ovs-dev] [resubmit 4/4] ofproto: Resubmit Statistics.

Ethan Jackson ethan at nicira.com
Tue Feb 15 21:00:06 UTC 2011

> The first problem is that the semantics for the in_port in
> flow_push_stats() do not match those in xlate_table_action().  In
> xlate_table_action(), the resubmitted in_port is used only for the
> rule_lookup() and then restored.  In flow_push_stats(), the resubmitted
> in_port is not restored until flow_push_stats() returns.  Maybe this
> isn't a real problem, because OFPP_NORMAL and OFPP_IN_PORT do not have
> any special semantics in flow_push_stats(), but I do not see a reason
> for the difference either.  (You could write a helper function
> rule_lookup_with_in_port() to encapsulate this lookup.)

In the current implementation both approaches are equivalent.  However
I'm fine with restoring the in_port similarly to how
xlate_table_actions does it as it's probably more future proof.

> The second problem is that flow_push_stats() ignores some actions that
> will definitely make a difference in behavior, that is, any action that
> modifies the flow.  Some examples are NXAST_SET_TUNNEL and
> NXAST_REG_MOVE.  (It's easy enough to find these actions: just
> temporarily mark the "flow" member of struct action_xlate_ctx "const"
> and recompile and the compiler will point them out for you.)
> I hope that we don't have to duplicate a lot of code to fix the latter
> problem.

If it becomes a problem I'm sure we can work around it by somehow
caching this information when xlate_actions is called.  I'll have to
put a bit more thought into this.


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