[ovs-dev] bug report

Muhammad Mohsin Sardar mohsin.sardar at seecs.edu.pk
Wed May 11 17:25:01 UTC 2011


I am having a strange problem with the user space ovs-next. I have a very
simple setup.  I am using a PC with three interface cards eth0, eth1 and
eth2 with Open vSwitch 1.1.0 of next branch  (The GIT commit was made on
Mon, 9 May 2011 16:34:13  and commit:

eth0 is connected with controller.
eth1 is connected with host1
eth2 is connected with host2

After running the following command on switch:
$ sudo ovs-openflowd netdev at br0 tcp: --ports=eth1,eth2

switch is successfully establishing the connection with controller (ip: at eth0. However, pinging host1 from host2 results in:
Destination Host Unreacheable.

The same setup and set of commands *work (pinging successful)* for Open
vSwitch version 1.1.0 of master branch (GIT commit was made on Tue, 10 May
2011 16:17:37 commit:    bf8f2167fd3107f5513d487a69a6568cf51afd68).

I believe this is a bug in next branch.

Mohsin Sardar
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