[ovs-dev] Difference between ofproto_add_flow() and add_flow()

Tahir Rauf tahir.rauf1 at gmail.com
Sat May 14 12:12:31 UTC 2011


Can any body tell me the difference between ofproto_add_flow() and
add_flow() function? The comments given on functions state
a) ofproto_add_flow(): Adds a flow to the OpenFlow flow table.
b) add_flow():             Adds the flow to ofproto's flow table.
I was considering ofproto as just openflow switch (as described in comments
of 'struct ofproto' in ofproto/private.h file). So, I was thinking that
ofproto's flow table and OpenFlow table is same. If these two terms are same
then why we have separate functions?

NOTE: I am using the 'next' version of open vswitch.
Thanks in advance :)
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