[ovs-dev] [VLAN splinters 16/16] Implement new "VLAN splinters" feature.

Ethan Jackson ethan at nicira.com
Wed Nov 23 23:08:39 UTC 2011

> You mean, if the flow table attempts to output to the splinter that it
> came in on?  Yeah, we don't do anything about that, and you'd end up
> sending the packet out the in-port.  The splinters currently show up
> via OpenFlow.  I'd rather hide them, but I didn't do the required work
> or even scope it out.

I just suppose I'm a bit worried about accidentally causing a loop
because controllers will assume that it's not possible.  If you think
it's alright, I'm fine with it for now.

I haven't looked at the incremental.  Your comments on the review seem
fine to me so go ahead and merge it when you're ready.


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