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Ben Kossi ben_kossi at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 1 23:35:40 UTC 2012

My dear One,
My name is Mr. Ben Kossi, the Secretary to the former Government Mr.Laurent Gbagbo president of Cote d Ivory in West Africa, I have funds 800,000.00 US dollars, in my possession which the president handed over tome to pay inn before the political crises. I want to move this fund(s) that where about to be moved into federal government account because there is no ownership to the fund(s). All I need from you is your interest to be my foreign partner so that things will be done with cordial relationship, equity and rationality.
I have a plan to load the fund in ATM MASTER CARDS and send them to you through bank so that the fund will be withdrawn from the card on daily basis until we have the last cent, otherwise using any other method will involve a lot of processes that will eventually not come to an end like getting several certificates, payments of insurance fee(s), then using diplomats and lots more. If you assure me of your partnership I will show you the simple way this can be done and in less than five days we will celebrate.
Mr.Ben Kossi
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