[ovs-dev] NVGRE support in OVS

Farrukh Aftab Khan Farrukh.Khan at xflowresearch.com
Thu Oct 4 06:26:11 UTC 2012

Hey! Some help here would be appreciated. I am using OVS-1.7.1 on Ubuntu
11.10. I am trying to add support for NVGRE in OVS. I took a lot of help
from Pravin Shelar's patch for 64bit GRE support.

I had a couple of queries in this regard:

1) Is is possible to register more than one GRE handler? When I try to set
up the NVGRE tunnel, it throws me an exception of: "Cannot register GRE
handler". Since NVGRE is an extension to GRE, I am trying to register the
same handler.

2) Is is even possible to set up more than one interface of type GRE? I
tried to do that but somehow the 2nd one was not working.

I tried using 'dmesg' but there were no handler issues in the 2nd scenario.
Am I missing something regarding the intrinsic functionality of OVS? Any
sort of heads up in this regard would be appreciated.


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