[ovs-dev] some OFTest failed with open vSwitch-1.7.1

maryam hanfi mryamhanfi at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 05:37:36 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I am runing OFTest (commit ID 8592bec4a2a9f2a21a43cd3af595923bf1569a3a) and
Open vSwitch-1.7.1 on x86 machines. First, I create virtual
Add veth0,veth2,veth4,veth6 in bridge br0. and connect to controller using
ovs-vsctl set-controller br0 tcp:

There are total 91 tests, out of which 14 tests failing, and 5 giving me

All flow_query test are failing. flow_query tests are 12 in number.

In every flow_query test, extra 11 active flows are reported. The log file
is also attached.

 Kindly guide me where I am doing wrong. I try to debug Flow_Del_1. The
test expect 0 flows, when I run ovs-ofctl dump-flows and ovs-vsctl
dump-flows it shows 0 flows. I didn't understand why OFTest getting 11
active flows extra.

I also try to debug Flow_Add_5, It is unable to verify flow table.
Is there any way to see the contents of flow_tbl(flow table) in OFTest?

WildcardPriority, wildcardPriorityWithDelete and
DirectPacketControllerQueue tests are also failing.

The errors are attached in OFTest-output file. While logs of all the tests
are placed in OFTest.log file

I want to check openFlow 1.0 compliance of Open vSwitch-1.7.1. Are the
tests that failing necessary for openflow 1.0 compliance? Or these tests
are for openFlow 1.1 compliance
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