[ovs-dev] GET BACK TO ME

Ngoni Marafa Yaya ngoniyaya at ymail.com
Sat Feb 2 15:53:34 UTC 2013

I contact you because I am looking for a partner in the realization of a project.I am Ngoni Marafa Yaya.i'm an international lawyer from Cameroon but i live and practice in Accra, Ghana,I have a very lucrative offer for you.You don't know me this i understand and I do not know you personally, yet I'm compelled to write an unknown person.I am the executor of a client who died suddenly some time abroad and left a large fortune behind without leaving a will or an heir.Even after an intensive search,no heir could be found to claim the inheritance.My late client was Australian and therefore I am looking for someone who speaks good english whom I'll present as heir.for your cooperation,I will give you 50%.as lawyer to the deceased,it is no problem to acquire the necessary documents
in your name within a short time.My late client was a serious businessman and made his fortunes with shops in South America and Africa he was into minerals and construction industries.I will give you more details concerning the exact amount as soon as you confirm your interest.Thank you so much as i except your feedback on.........
Ngoni Marafa Yaya

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