[ovs-dev] VXLAN ports not working with latest master

Kyle Mestery (kmestery) kmestery at cisco.com
Mon Feb 4 02:56:28 UTC 2013

I'm running with the latest master, and I noticed I can no longer configure VXLAN ports. I'm tracking this down, but wanted to let folks on the list know as well.

I am configure my VXLAN port like this:

        ovs-vsctl add-port br2 vxlan1 -- set interface vxlan1 \
                type=vxlan options:remote_ip= options:key=flow

And I see this in the logs:

2013-02-03T20:54:11Z|00232|dpif|WARN|system at ovs-system: failed to add vxlan1 as port: Invalid argument

Upping the verbosity doesn't provide any more clues. The output of "ovs-vsctl" and "ovs-dpctl show" below seem to indicate that userspace thinks the port is there but the kernel doesn't configure it. GRE ports seem to work fine. Any ideas?


[root at linux-br ~]# ovs-vsctl show && ovs-dpctl show
    Bridge "br2"
        Port "vxlan1"
            Interface "vxlan1"
                type: vxlan
                options: {key=flow, remote_ip=""}
        Port "br2"
            Interface "br2"
                type: internal
    Bridge "br1"
        Port "br1"
            Interface "br1"
                type: internal
        Port "eth1"
            Interface "eth1"
    Bridge "eth2-tun"
        Port "eth2"
            Interface "eth2"
        Port "eth2-tun"
            Interface "eth2-tun"
                type: internal
    Bridge "eth2-int"
        Port "vxlan2"
            Interface "vxlan2"
                type: gre
                options: {remote_ip=""}
        Port "eth2-int"
            Interface "eth2-int"
                type: internal
    ovs_version: "1.9.90"
system at ovs-system:
        lookups: hit:21 missed:30 lost:0
        flows: 0
        port 0: ovs-system (internal)
        port 1: eth2-int (internal)
        port 2: gre_system (gre: df_default=false, ttl=0)
        port 3: br2 (internal)
        port 4: eth2
        port 5: eth2-tun (internal)
        port 6: eth1
        port 7: br1 (internal)
[root at linux-br ~]# 

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