[ovs-dev] VXLAN ports not working with latest master

Ethan Jackson ethan at nicira.com
Mon Feb 4 20:59:10 UTC 2013

> I figured this out. It looks like the flow based tunneling changes no longer propagate the destination UDP port down to VXLAN, which requires it. Because of this, the VXLAN vport code in the kernel is returning an error. I'll go ahead and fix these up now.

Yep I noticed this last Friday, probably should have sent an email out
to the list so no one else was surprised.

Unfortunately, I don't think the fix for this problem is totally
straight forward.  Currently the code has the assumption that a given
ofport will only use one tnl_backer datapath port over it's lifetime.
But with VXLAN ports, it's possible that an ofport's netdev
configuration will change, and as a result it will have to switch to a
new tnl_backer with a different config.  I have some ideas which I
think will resolve this issue, but I haven't gotten terribly far into
the implementation. If you'd like to take it on, I'd be happy to
discuss further, otherwise I'll probably have a fix out in the next
couple of days.


> I guess this also signifies I should add some unit tests for VXLAN code to catch these sorts of things. I'll add that to my list of items to work on as well.
> Thanks,
> Kyle
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