[ovs-dev] [PATCH 5/6] vxlan: Update tnl_set_config() to use UDP dst_port to distinguish VXLAN ports

Ben Pfaff blp at nicira.com
Thu Feb 14 18:09:13 UTC 2013

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 09:37:29AM -0500, Kyle Mestery wrote:
> In tnl_set_config(), when determining if a tunnel port
> already exists, make sure to also check the destination port. For VXLAN, this
> can be different and allows multiple VXLAN ports in the datapath to be
> created.
> Signed-off-by: Kyle Mestery <kmestery at cisco.com>

Jesse, could I get an Acked-by on this one?

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