[ovs-dev] [PATCH] documentation: Add instructions on how to run the unit test infrastructure.

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 4. Start the Open vSwitch daemons as described under "Building and
    Installing Open vSwitch for Linux or FreeBSD" above.
+Running the Test Infrastructure
+Open vSwitch includes a comprehensive testing infrastructure. This includes
+the ability to run all the unit tests or even a subset of the unit tests.
+Before submitting patches upstream it is advised to ensure all the tests pass.
+If you are adding new features to Open vSwitch, adding tests will ensure your
+feature doesn't break as developers are modifying other areas of Open vSwitch.
+To run all the unit tests in Open vSwitch, do this:
+      make check
+To pass flags to the testing infrastrucure in the "tests" directory, you can use
+the "TESTSUITEFLAGS" command line option. For example, to run only a subset of the
+tests, do this something like the below, which will run tests 477-484.
+      make check TESTSUITEFLAGS=477-484
+To run tests matching a specific set of keywords, do something like the below, which
+will run all tests with a keyword matching "ovsdb":
+      make check TESTSUITEFLAGS='-k ovsdb'
+The full list of testing options can be found by running the following command:
+      make check TESTSUITEFLAGS=--help
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