[ovs-dev] Question about the availabiltiy of ovs python binding.

张东亚 fortitude.zhang at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 16:22:24 UTC 2013

Hi list,
  Recently I am researching on ovs python binding, and basically I want to
develop an app that operates and monitors ovsdb in python.
  So I want to know what's the status of ovs python binding, I found there
does have an ovs idl implementation in the released source of ovs, and I
have tested some basic operations like dumping db contents and deleting
some records and the tests work well.
  However I have the following questoin to ask:
  1. I want to run the ovs idl in a sperate thread, but the implementation
traps some fatal signal to remove unix socket file which is not allowed in
the thread that is no the main thread, does ovs idl python implementatin
only aimed to be used in the main thread or single process? If it can be
used in a single thread, what's the status of thread-safety?
   2. I want know the stability of the python binding,  from the git-web
status I found that there still some bugs have been just fixed
  Thanks in advance, I'd like to research more and hope that I can make
some contribution back in the future.
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