[ovs-dev] [RFC flow tunnels 2/8] dpif-netdev: Allow stub interfaces on the dummy datapath.

Ethan Jackson ethan at nicira.com
Wed Jan 16 00:12:02 UTC 2013

> This:
>     if (error
>         && (!dpif_netdev_class_is_dummy(dp->class) || error != EOPNOTSUPP)) {
> might be more readable as:
>     if (error
>         && !(error == EOPNOTSUPP && dpif_netdev_class_is_dummy(dp->class))) {
> but it's up to you.

I agree, this is more readable so I've folded it in.

This patch isn't actually useful until the tunnel unit tests are in,
so I've decided to hold off on merging it.


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