[ovs-dev] Question regarding porting ovs to hardware switch.

张东亚 fortitude.zhang at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 02:18:14 UTC 2013

Hi list,
  Our company (a switch silicon company) is now developping a hardsware
OpenFlow switch, we love OVS architechure and have ported it succesfully.
  Because OpenFlow standard is in still under development  and OVS is under
development too, we are now focusing implementing OpenFlow spec 1.1+, so
there are some questions arised during our developping:
  Q1: Can we contribute our modification for implementing OpenFlow spec
1.1+ message logic without the corresponding dpif logic? because we are
developping hardware switch, we will not developping features that support
dpif, let's take OpenFlow 1.3  Group Mod message as an example.
  Q2: Is it possible that we commit our ofproto provider (silicon bound) to
OVS to serve as a reference for hardware switch vendor who have interest on
porting OVS to hardware switch?
  We are glad to hear the feedback from OVS community, Thanks a lot.
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