[ovs-dev] [PATCH 01/16] User-Space MPLS actions and matches

Ben Pfaff blp at nicira.com
Thu Jan 17 18:18:02 UTC 2013

On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 09:16:36AM -0800, Jesse Gross wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 8:54 PM, Simon Horman <horms at verge.net.au> wrote:
> It is.  However, my understanding is that you were planning on
> following Ben's suggestion to try to get the userspace portions in
> first.  In that case, there is no userspace/kernel communication to
> speak of.  If there is no benefit to exposing this interface then I'd
> like to avoid to risk of misinterpretations in the future.

The tricky part here is that the interface between dpif-netdev and
ofproto-dpif is the same as the interface between dpif-linux and

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