[ovs-dev] [patch_ports (rebased) 3/4] ofproto-dpif: Implement patch ports in userspace.

Ethan Jackson ethan at nicira.com
Thu Jan 24 02:21:24 UTC 2013

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> Q: What features are not available in the Open vSwitch kernel datapath
>    that ships as part of the upstream Linux kernel?
> A: The kernel module in upstream Linux 3.3 and later does not include
>    tunnel virtual ports, that is, interfaces with type "gre",
>    "ipsec_gre", "gre64", "ipsec_gre64", "vxlan", or "capwap".  It is
>    possible to create tunnels in Linux and attach them to Open vSwitch
>    as system devices.  However, they cannot be dynamically created
>    through the OVSDB protocol or set the tunnel ids as a flow action.
>    Work is in progress in adding tunnel virtual ports to the upstream
>    Linux version of the Open vSwitch kernel module.  For now, if you
>    need these features, use the kernel module from the Open vSwitch
>    distribution instead of the upstream Linux kernel module.
>    The upstream kernel module does not include patch ports, but this
>    only matters for Open vSwitch 1.9 and earlier, because Open vSwitch
>    1.10 and later implement patch ports without using this kernel
>    feature.
> Q: What features are not available when using the userspace datapath?
> A: Tunnel virtual ports are not supported, as described in the
>    previous answer.  It is also not possible to use queue-related
>    actions.  On Linux kernels before 2.6.39, maximum-sized VLAN packets
>    may not be transmitted.
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Also, sorry about the confusion.  I've changed the FAQ to be precisely this.


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