[ovs-dev] Support for Linux 3.10

James Page james.page at ubuntu.com
Fri Jun 21 10:32:33 UTC 2013

Hi OpenvSwitch Devs

Ubuntu Saucy is about to bump kernel version from 3.9 to 3.10; I started 
looking at the impact of this on ovs but swiftly went down the rabbit 
hole of not really understanding how the introduction of 802.1ad support 
in this kernel version would impact on the compat layer of ovs; 
specifically the following kernel commits:

net: vlan: rename NETIF_F_HW_VLAN_* feature flags to NETIF_F_HW_VLAN_CTAG_*


net: vlan: add 802.1ad support


net: vlan: add protocol argument to packet tagging functions


I was unsure as to whether this was suitable for inclusion in 
datapath/compat/* or whether the datapath module itself should have 
conditional code to deal with >= 3.10.0.

Help/guidance much appreciated.



James Page
Ubuntu Core Developer
Debian Maintainer
james.page at ubuntu.com

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