[ovs-dev] [pkt_key v2] datapath: Make OVS_ACTION_ATTR_USERSPACE action to send packet key

Jesse Gross jesse at nicira.com
Tue Jun 25 18:23:01 UTC 2013

On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 9:21 AM, Andy Zhou <azhou at nicira.com> wrote:
> OVS_ACTION_ATTR_USERSPACE action was sending the key from the matching
> flow. This works for exact match flows because flow keys are the
> same as packet keys. However, it does not work with wildcarded flows as
> the packet keys may be different than the flow keys. This patch uses
> the packet keys carried in OVS_CB(skb) when calling output_userspace().
> Bug #18163
> Signed-off-by: Andy Zhou <azhou at nicira.com>

Thanks, applied to the relevant branches.

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