[ovs-dev] openvswitch_handle_frame_hook

Jesse Gross jesse at nicira.com
Fri Jun 28 22:44:16 UTC 2013


Pravin pointed out that the RHEL6 openvswitch_handle_frame_hook
unregister is happening from the RCU callback, which means that we
immediately free the vport after removing the handler. This seems
racy. I also noticed that we have asymmetric use of
netdev_rx_handler_register/unregister (I don't think that this is an
actual problem but it doesn't seem right). I think the ideal solution
would be to put this and the code for kernels < 2.6.37 (which is very
similar) into backports for netdev_rx_handler_register(). This would
both hide the differences and ensure consistency.

Can you take a look?
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