[ovs-dev] Cloning packets for "action: set field"

Samuel Ghinet sghinet at cloudbasesolutions.com
Sat Aug 2 12:02:49 UTC 2014

Hello guys,

I wanted to ask you: do you have buffer management functionality to duplicate a packet?

I have seen that the function OvsOutputBeforeSetAction CLONES instead of duplicating the packet.

Did you know that, when cloning a packet, both the old and the cloned packet reference the same data (buffer)?
So that setting bytes, say, in the ipv4 header of the cloned NET_BUFFER actually modifies the original NET_BUFFER as well?

Also, we are not allowed to set data in the original packet. We must create a clone / duplicate for this.
For tunneling (i.e. adding headroom) cloning is ok, because the clone writes bytes to the "unused" area of the buffer, or allocates a new MDL for the headroom (which is removed at Complete).

The procedure for setting data within the buffer using cloning is a bit more complicated:
You must allocate a new MDL, copy the 'modified' data into its buffer, and chain it to the cloned NET_BUFFER (replacing the old MDL). And at Complete, you must free your MDL and put the old MDL back.
A simpler method would be to duplicate the buffer, instead of cloning it.

Here the architecture of a cloned NET_BUFFER_LIST is presented:

Samuel Ghinet

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