[ovs-dev] Design notes for provisioning Netlink interface from the OVS Windows driver (Switch extension)

Alin Serdean aserdean at cloudbasesolutions.com
Wed Aug 6 23:28:19 UTC 2014

Hi Eitan,

> C. Implementation work flow:
> The driver creates a device object which provides a NetLink interface  for user mode processes. During the development phase this device is created in addition to
> the existing DPIF device. (This means that the bring-up of the NL based user mode can be done on a live kernel with resident DPs, ports and flows) All transaction 
> and dump based DPIF functions could be developed and brought up when the NL device is a secondary device (ovs-dpctl show and dump XXX should work). After    > the initial phase is completed (i.e. all transaction and dump based DPIF primitives are implemented), the original device interface will be removed and packet and 
> event propagation path will be brought up (driven by vswicth.exe)

Could you, please explain a bit more what does original/secondary device mean?


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