[ovs-dev] [PATCH 11/15] datapath-windows: Add RefCount.h

Nithin Raju nithin at vmware.com
Sat Aug 16 04:50:11 UTC 2014

On Aug 6, 2014, at 9:14 AM, Samuel Ghinet <sghinet at cloudbasesolutions.com> wrote:

> How it works:
> Say we have a list of OVS_FLOWs, where OVS_FLOW uses OVS_REF_COUNT.
> * The OVS_REF_COUNT must be initialized to 0 at object creation.
> * Assign a destruction function to the func ptr "Destroy" of OVS_REF_COUNT.
> * When you need to retrieve a ptr to an OVS_FLOW, from the list, you must do the following:
> *** lock the OVS_FLOW list for read (obviously)
> *** do the lookup: a ptr to an existing OVS_FLOW, pFlow, is found.
> *** call "OVS_REFCOUNT_REFERENCE(pFlow);" - by doing so, you deny destruction of pFlow, while the object
> is referenced, ensuring that you keep a valid pointer to a flow.
> *** unlock the list
> *** return pFlow.
> * When you need to modify fields in the pFlow, use the rw lock / spinlock field of pFlow.
> * When you no longer need the ptr, use "OVS_REFCOUNT_DEREFERENCE(pFlow);"
> * When you need to do deferred deletion, call "OVS_REFCOUNT_DESTROY(pFlow);": this will
> mark the pFlow for deletion. If the object is not referenced, it will be destroyed immediately. Otherwise,
> it will be destroyed when the refCount = 0.

This is what I have in mind on how the workflow should look like. Nothing fancy, just a standard way of doing ref counting:

Context #1: packet processing context
1. Lock Flowtable (read)
2. pFlow = FlowLookup()
   * This one checks if the flag on the flow is ACTIVE
   * Increment the refcount on the flow
3. Unlock Flowtable
4. Process the packet using the flow
5. Lock Flowtable (write)
6. Decrement the refcount on the flow. 
   * if the new refcount == 0, cleanup the flow by deleting it from the flowable.
7. Unblock Flowtable.

Context #2: flow put context
1. Lock Flowtable (write)
2. Decrement the refcount on the flow:
   * if new refcount is 0, cleanup the flow by deleting it from the flowable.
   * if new refcount is 1, mark the flag on the flow as INACTIVE
3. Unblock Flowtable.

This is a very simple usage of refcounting. Once we agree on this, we can work out the API specifics etc.

Pls. let me know if you have other ideas.


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