[ovs-dev] [RFC] Proposal for enhanced select groups

Simon Horman simon.horman at netronome.com
Fri Aug 22 12:19:41 UTC 2014


I have been working with Netronome on examining the possibilities of
providing (richer) load balancing facilities in Open vSwitch.

It seems to us that the current select group provides for some load
balancing functionality. And that in particular the way that it is
implemented in Open vSwitch provides L2 destination load balancing (it
hashes on the destination ethernet address). Our ideas so fare are as follows:

1. Provide a richer and ideally extendible select group in the
   form of an OpenFlow extension to groups.

   * Allow the fields used to be selected.

     In the case of a hash this would be the fields that are hashed.

     An implication of this is that the pre-requisites of these
     fields would need to be present in the flow's match.
     In masking of the fields would be allowed but not
     required for fields whose TLVs allow masking.

   * Allow designation of the selection method used.

     For example hash.

   * Allow passing a parameter to the selection method.

     For example an initial value key for hashes.

2. Investigate allowing selection of buckets to occur in the datapath. Or
   in other words a megaflow with a select group action.  The current
   select group implementation seems to be a good candidate for this

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