[ovs-dev] OVS-on-HyperV: Agenda for IRC meeting on 8/27

Nithin Raju nithin at vmware.com
Wed Aug 27 19:05:20 UTC 2014

I'm sending out the meeting minutes for future reference.

1. Netlink implementation:
Status wise, discussed the following:
 a) Nithin created issues on github/ovs-issues to distribute the work across multiple developers.
 b) Ankur committed the patches for the netlink message, attributes get APIs
 c) Ankur is working on the set API, and he'll be sending out the patches in a day or two
 d) Nithin worked on the GET_DP command, and a few hurdles before that like lookup family etc. GET_DP patch should be out for review today.

Going forward, we agreed that;
 i) Created a milestone called *'netlink-integration-milestone-1'* to track the multiple issues we have to track the work distribution. Issues tracked under: https://github.com/openvswitch/ovs-issues/milestones/netlink-integration-milestone-1
 ii) #Action-item: Alin to send out patches for dpif-linux.c soon.
 ii) Sam will be working on the vport commands - dump and add to start with, and the rest later.
 iii) Ankur will be working on the flow commands - dump, put, flush.
 iv) Created an issue for packet execute (issue #44)

2. netdev for Windows:
It was not clear if not having netdev would be a blocker for vswitchd functionality, and whether we should have netdev for Windows implemented by 'netlink-integration-milestone-1' milestone. We decided to table to discussion for later. But, this should not fall through the cracks.

3. Events discussion:
Eitan led the discussion on events with Alin and Samuel, and we have agreement on how we are going to go about it. Eitan will work on some preliminary patches in userspace, and hand it off to Alin. After that, Eitan will focus on the kernel changes, and work with Alin on getting the integration completed.

4. Packet receive:
Packet receive functionality implementation can possibly go along with the Events implementation, but we'll wait till Eitan takes the first stab at the changes so we don't to re-invent the wheel.

5. Pending patches:
We all agreed that pending patches need to be reviewed soon, esp. the multiple NB patch.


On Aug 26, 2014, at 10:20 AM, Nithin Raju <nithin at vmware.com<mailto:nithin at vmware.com>> wrote:

hi Alin/Sam,
These were the items we wanted to discuss:

1. Netlink implementation:
  * status
  * work has been spread out now, and issues have been created for each individual task. There should be no confusion now. This was the plan all along, BTW. We'll discuss anything that is not clear.

2. Eitan is back from PTO. If we want to discuss (again) the design for the Event notification as well as missed packet, this would be a good time.

3. Pending reviews.

Pls. feel free to add on more items.


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