[ovs-dev] [PATCH] datapath-windows: Solved BSOD when adding OVS ports

Nithin Raju nithin at vmware.com
Mon Aug 3 12:44:42 UTC 2015

> On Aug 2, 2015, at 9:33 PM, Sorin Vinturis <svinturis at cloudbasesolutions.com> wrote:
> Hi Nithin,
> Yes, the second check, from the 564 line, is caught by the case when the OvsInitExternalNBLContext() function is called with the NBL created by OvsPartialCopyNBL().

Right, so, do we still need your patch since L564 would make sure that a duplicate external context is not added? I am ok with having an additional check, though. Your call.

-- Nithin

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