[ovs-dev] datapath forwarding

Raul Suarez Marin raul.suarez.marin at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 18:11:45 UTC 2015


I am developing a new match option for openvswitch and I would like that it
runs through the datapath without need of user-space. I'm not really sure
if I missed something but this is what happens:

(1) First incomming packet is processed correctly (processed + stats
(2) Following incomming packets, let's say 10 packets (matching the same
rule), are "half processed" (everything is OK but states are not updated).

Doing "sudo ovs-dpctl show" shows lookup counters "hit" (processed by
datapath) and "missed" (processed by user-space).

When (1) happens,"missed" is incremented by one. If (2) happens, "hit" is
incremented by 10. Everything looks fine. This demonstrates that the
matching is running in kernel-space (right?)

The only thing that is not working is the stats updating.

Please, I would appreciate If someone could provide me some hints or
I tried to debug but I'm not sure how to see "printk("message\n")" that I
put in the code.

Kind regards,

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