[ovs-dev] [PATCH] datapath-windows: Solved BSOD when handling flows

Nithin Raju nithin at vmware.com
Tue Aug 4 13:38:51 UTC 2015

> On Aug 3, 2015, at 8:26 AM, Nithin Raju <nithin at vmware.com> wrote:
>> On Jul 1, 2015, at 10:28 AM, Sorin Vinturis <svinturis at cloudbasesolutions.com> wrote:
>> OvsPrepareFlow() returns an error only when the new flow allocation
>> fails. In this case HandleFlowPut() should return error without trying
>> to free the flow, thus avoiding the BSOD.
>> Signed-off-by: Sorin Vinturis <svinturis at cloudbasesolutions.com>
>> Reported-by: Sorin Vinturis <svinturis at cloudbasesolutions.com>
>> Reported-at: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__github.com_openvswitch_ovs-2Dissues_issues_91&d=BQIGaQ&c=Sqcl0Ez6M0X8aeM67LKIiDJAXVeAw-YihVMNtXt-uEs&r=pNHQcdr7B40b4h6Yb7FIedI1dnBsxdDuTLBYD3JqV80&m=1fAwiEJ0trEqEbnXCwc2WN_OdJ9ANd0-fuucgcbW9Bs&s=v7pTsmCFx-lu-RBhxiVv5cbM5jUrnSC6P6sP6dp-PRw&e= 

Acked-by: Nithin Raju <nithin at vmware.com>

This is for both master as well as 2.4

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