[ovs-dev] IGMP Snooping support Last leave message.

laxmikanta.behera at gmail.com laxmikanta.behera at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 18:30:14 UTC 2015

Hi ,

IGMP Snooping table erasing  multicast group IP after receiving the 1st
leave message from host.  vswitch is not waiting till receive the last
leave message for the same multicast group IP from different host.


1.       Host 1 and 2 both connected with port number 2.

2.       Host 1(00:00:00:00:00:01) – sending Join message to Multicast
group Ip(

3.       After 100 sec

4.       Host 2 (A0:36:9F:4F:38:97) – Sending Join message to same
Multicast group Ip(

5.       After 100 sec

6.       Host1 –Sending Leave message to Multicast group

            After receive the 1st leave message, vswitch is erasing the
group IP  from IGMP snooping table.  Please find below snap shot.

Could you please confirm if OVS support the last leave message or not.

Thanks & Regards,


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