[ovs-dev] [RFC] dpdk: support multiple queues in vhost

Flavio Leitner fbl at sysclose.org
Thu Aug 6 18:52:58 UTC 2015

On Thu, Aug 06, 2015 at 10:54:16AM -0700, Karthick, A.R. wrote:
> Just to top-post briefly:
>  qemu reverted the vhost-user multiqueue support sometime back.
>  So this patch isn't really usable.

That's correct.  There is a new proposal enhancing the protocol
which will require work on the DPDK proposal as well.  Since OVS
uses DPDK vhost-user library, those changes shouldn't affect much
this patch.

Sorry for not being clear before. The goal here is to find out
if the OVS side is in the right direction.

Thanks for your feedback,

> Regards,
> -Karthick
>  commit f73ca7363440240b7ee5ee7f7ddb1c64751efb54
> Merge: 7135847 f9d6dbf
> Author: Peter Maydell <peter.maydell at linaro.org>
> Date:   Mon Jul 20 13:25:28 2015 +0100
>     Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/mst/tags/for_upstream' into
> staging
>     virtio, vhost, pc fixes for 2.4
>     The only notable thing here is vhost-user multiqueue
>     revert. We'll work on making it stable in 2.5,
>     reverting now means we won't have to maintain
>     bug for bug compability forever.
>     Signed-off-by: Michael S. Tsirkin <mst at redhat.com>
>     # gpg: Signature made Mon Jul 20 12:24:00 2015 BST using RSA key ID
> D28D5469
>     # gpg: Good signature from "Michael S. Tsirkin <mst at kernel.org>"
>     # gpg:                 aka "Michael S. Tsirkin <mst at redhat.com>"
>     * remotes/mst/tags/for_upstream:
>       virtio-net: remove virtio queues if the guest doesn't support
> multiqueue
>       virtio-net: Flush incoming queues when DRIVER_OK is being set
>       pci_add_capability: remove duplicate comments
>       virtio-net: unbreak any layout
>       Revert "vhost-user: add multi queue support"
>       ich9: fix skipped vmstate_memhp_state subsection
>     Signed-off-by: Peter Maydell <peter.maydell at linaro.org>

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