[ovs-dev] Query regarding OF1.5 Egress tables (EXT-306)

Jean Tourrilhes jt at hpl.hp.com
Tue Aug 18 16:11:33 UTC 2015

On Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 05:40:34PM +0530, niti Rohilla wrote:
> Hi Jean,
> Thanks for your reply. Based on your reply please validate our
> understanding.
> 1. From all the commands only OFPTFC_MODIFY needs to be implemented and
> only for a single table in a request. This command is used to modify flow
> table capabilities and will not modify pipeline processing or any other
> ofp_table_features parameter.

	That's what I would do.

> So what is the significance of implementing OFPTFC_MODIFY command as the
> capabilities (OFPTC_EVICTION, OFPTC_VACANCY_EVENTS) can be modified using
> ofp_table_mod messages. When these OFPTC_* flags are modified using
> table_mod messages we need to pass ofp_table_mod_prop_eviction and
> ofp_table_mod_prop_vacancy properties along with the messages. So how can
> we implement capabilities using OFPTFC_MODIFY command?

	Capabilities are not modified by the ofp_table_mod messages,
either the implementation is capable, or it is not, and this does not
dynamically change. Don't confuse with the 'config' field in
ofp_table_desc that describe if the feature is enabled or not.
	Note that this is one of the most subtle change from 1.3 to

> 2. We need to configure only OFPTFF_FIRST_EGRESS flag and all the table
> before this will be considered as ingress tables and all the table after
> the first egress table will be considered as egress tables.

	That's what I would do.

> Thanks and Regards
> Niti Rohilla

	Good luck !


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