[ovs-dev] [PATCH v4 3/9] test-classifier: Add benchmark.

Ben Pfaff blp at nicira.com
Fri Aug 21 14:39:34 UTC 2015

On Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 07:37:51AM -0700, Ben Pfaff wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 07, 2015 at 04:57:36PM -0700, Jarno Rajahalme wrote:
> > Add a benchmark command for classifier lookup performance testing.
> >
> > Usage:
> This usage note is good, but putting it just in the commit log will mean
> that it gets lost.  It should be in a --help message, or failing that in
> a source code comment.
> I'm not sure I believe in the realism of random priorities.  Random
> priorities are are worst case for the optimization that skips subtables
> based on priorities.  Our NSDI paper showed that subtables tend to have
> a small number of priorities (often just one) in practice.
> If n_rules < n_subtables, or if the random numbers come out just right,
> then I think that the classifier will have fewer than the requested
> number of subtables.  Also, if the same rule is generated more than
> once, the classifier will have fewer than the requested number of rules.
> Acked-by: Ben Pfaff <blp at nicira.com>

Also a minor spelling fix:

diff --git a/tests/test-classifier.c b/tests/test-classifier.c
index 54b595f..b2d4afd 100644
--- a/tests/test-classifier.c
+++ b/tests/test-classifier.c
@@ -1302,7 +1302,7 @@ run_benchmarks(struct ovs_cmdl_context *ctx)
     n_lookups = strtol(ctx->argv[5], NULL, 10);
     printf("\nBenchmarking with:\n"
-           "%d rules with %d prioritites in %d tables, "
+           "%d rules with %d priorities in %d tables, "
            "%d threads doing %d lookups each\n",
            n_rules, n_priorities, n_tables, n_threads, n_lookups);

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