[ovs-dev] JSON parsing fails on powerpc

Ben Pfaff blp at nicira.com
Thu Oct 1 16:01:08 UTC 2015

On Thu, Oct 01, 2015 at 06:09:28PM +0530, RishiRaj Maulick wrote:
> We are trying to cross-compile and run the ovs-vswitchd on a machine that
> runs on powerPC architecture. We have cross-compiled the code successfully
> however we are hitting some issues :-
> 1) When we try to create the conf.db file from the schema - it fails to
> decode the JSON objects.
> 2) Then we started to run the ovsdb-server on a x86 machine and ran
> vswitchd on powerPC - used tcp to communicate between them .
> 3) tcpdump confirms that the vswitchd was able to connect to the
> ovsdb-server , it sent a "list_schemas" json request and the server replied
> to that , and then it sent a "lock" request which also was successfully
> replied by the ovsdb-server.
> 4) At this stage we see that the vswitchd is sending a TCP reset towards
> the server - the reason is because it thinks that the "lock" method has
> failed - in bridge_run() the check for has_lock() fails.
> 5) Also we see that the logs of vswitchd are not coming properly - all we
> see are 0's .

Open vSwitch 2.3.x should work OK on powerpc.  It passes the testsuite

You didn't say what version you're using.

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